Harlequin Opal EP

As we've revelled in the abstract jazzy tones of label chief Master-H on KDD ..... Its time to take things from the smokey cellar floor to sweaty warehouse spaces, as we welcome Aubrey back to Komplex De Deep.

Allen Saei aka Aubrey has over 23 years hands on experience of the scene. His DJ career took him from his first residency in Portsmouth's 'Central Park', to playing London's biggest raves and parties in the 1990's, sharing the decks with the likes of Carl Cox, Groove Rider and Mr C.

Launching his own Solid Groove Records in 1990, Aubrey's career went from strength to strength. Releases and remixes followed for labels including Sublime, The End, Ferox, Mosaic, Reel, Intec and Leftfield's label, Offshoot. His material was licensed by Derrick May, Terry Francis, Pete Tong and Carl Cox, and his track 'Early Riser' co-written with Max Brennan, featured on the very first Fabric 01 compilation, mixed by Craig Richards.

2010 saw him release 'Dark' on Belgian label Mowar, and he followed that with his Komplex De Deep debut, the 'High Pass Highway' EP . Today we are proud to be bringing you his first release of 2011, the "Harlequin Opal" Ep. A four track selection that sees Aubrey move seamlessly from the atmospheric synth-laden joy of the title track to sparse, metallic and acidy sounds of Octavius. On the flip "Power Of The Drums" is an expansive, cinematic and industrial tinged cut, whilst "Radiatus 40" spins us headily in into the ether with is waves of spacey synths. Perfect!

Adam Carter

Norman Nodge – (Berghain) - "Like all four tracks!! i´m an Aubrey fan J”

Brett Johnson - "Harlequin of the cooler things i've heard all week....thanks!"

Dave Clarke - "Harlequin Opal is the stand out track here the lead track has a haunting vibe"

Bushwacka! - "Sexy, deep, great chord Harlequin Opal."

Mark Broom – “Yes mate played one track at the Blueprint party sounded great, forget the name but it's the one with the huge b line that creeps in J”

John Selway – “If ever a release completely lived up to the label’s name… Power Of The Drums my fav! “

Sasha – “Anyone who calls their records Harlequin Opal is a dude! Support from me on Power of the Drums!”

Marcel Fengler – “Massive package!! Big support from me!”

Dan Curtain – “Very interesting and fresh sounding EP, definite support!”

Benny Rodrigues – “Harlequin Opal is AMAZING!!! the rest is quality 2, Aubrey is a hero!”

Danny Howells – “Nice and varied EP, liking Harlequin Opal a lot!"

Mauro Picotto - "I can't wait to play Harlequin, next level of sound in all productions."

Seth Troxler – “I really like Radiatus 40!!! Big support from me!”

DJ Yellow - "Power of the drum is GREAT ... great ep!"

Coyu - "Komplex De Deep is one of my fav labels of the last years. You can find a gem in every single release. From soulful house to old school techno, always something interesting and outstanding. Must label!"

Raudive - "Harlequin Opal has a great atmosphere, love the way it slowly builds and progressess."

Funk D'Void - "Amazing EP....floored!! Radiatus 40 my fav."

Raresh - "Cool ep!! Octavius for me! Thanks."

Luke Slater – “Opal is classic! Not one to miss. Jewel in the promo box!”

Petar Dundov - "This is a really well done EP. Thumbs up! Power Of The Drums my fav."

Pig - (Pig & Dan) - "Great techno grooves, love the jazzy vibe that Harlequin Opal has and the more percussive Octavius, good stuff."

DVS1 - "Power Of The Drums is the killer of the package for me."

Laurent Garnier - "Looooove Aubrey's music yyyyeeesssssssssssssss!"

Rolando - "Octavius is dope!!!! Will definitely be play..."

Chymera - "Harlequin Opal is a cool and unusual track. I really like it."

Gabriel Ananda - "Aubrey, that’s a really old hero of techno! I pretty much like all the tracks, but for playing Radiatus 40 is my favorite."

D'Julz - "Massive ep. Aubrey is back!! Power Of The Drums the best for me."

Ralf - "Always support intelligent dance music.. well done Aubrey. Great. Power Of The Drums."

Efdemin - "Oh yes… RESPECT! Will play Octavius."

Dario Zenker - "Wow amazing spaced out stuff! Loooove it! Harlequin Opal my fav."

Angel Molina - "Brilliant and timeless record, as always coming from Mr. Allen. Full support!"

Shlomi Aber - "Everything from Aubery is dope ... I’m a fan!!!"

Dustin Zahn - "Really feeling the Power of the Drums!! I may make my own edit of Radiatus 40 as well."

Rocky - (X-Press 2) - "4 really interesting tracks. I like the first 3 the most with Harlequin Opal being my fave."

Perc - "Interesting EP, but will need a few more plays from me to get my head around it."

Arnaud Le Texier - "Really good ep from Aubrey!!! Gooooood!!"

Skudge - "Lovely release from Aub! Like ''Power of the drums'' the most! ''Octavius'' is also very cool. ''Harlequin opal'' sounds a bit like old Black Dog stuff, nice! JJ"

Nuno dos Santos - "Woeehhhh Radiatus 40! LOVE it!"

Richie Hawtin - Downloaded.

Mauro Picotto – “Can’t wait to play Harlequin Opal… next level of sound in all productions!”

Samuel L Session - "Radiatus 40 FK’N QUALITY! Nuff said!!"

Shadow Dancer - "Listening to 'Harlequin Opal' on a loops. Getting immersed in its washes of synth loveliness, and hearing extra nuances on each go. Otherworldly futurism, as techno was always meant to be!"

Ambivalent - "Harlequin Opal is really nice. I think I'm most likely to play Radiatus 40."

Cirillo - "Power Of The Drums is a really nice track. Will test it at dc10."

Dave Seaman - "Deep and deadly vibes on Radiatus 40! Will rock it out."

Tsugi Magazine France - "Coool ep."

De:Bug Magazine Germany - "Considering for review."


Harlequin Opal




Power of drums


Radiatus 40