Master H

Soul Take EP

After a brief hiatus Komplex De Deep and its chief protagonist Master-H make a welcome return together to present the label's twenty second release.

In his very own words, "this is a new me", H is now ready to unveil new music having been holed away in the studio for months on end mastering an array of new hardware and analog processes. The French producer is also challenging himself with the recording, locking down each individual track live and in one take. An art that was practiced by many of the Jazz greats in their heyday and one that has also influenced the title of the new release - 'Soul Take'.

As with all Master-H productions we are drawn to the detail and emotion. 'Somba People' with its inviting tribal rhythm pairs traditional African song with a warm and enveloping blanket of strings, handclaps and bass. The title track ramps things up with its bobbing drums, stabbing synth and echoing cowbell. One take and plenty of soul.

Aubrey - That Komplex de deep sound ! I full support ! Deep and perfect ! I need the vinyl :)

Zadig / Construct Re-form - Nice tracks, cool to hear some groove into techno, very rare nowadays ... Back to the roots !! Thanks

Laurent Garnier - SOMBA ohh yesssssss

Behzad & Amarou /BEAR - Somba People !!!! <3 Respect and long life to Master H Full Support !!!

Alex From Tokyo - Yes i! Soul Take est une bombe!! I can see my brother Master H at the control working it!! Somba People nous emmene encore plus haut en pleine trance!!! C'est la folie. Welcome back brother!!!! Je vais les jouer des ce soir in Brooklyn. PEACE !!

Josh Wink - Happy that H is back!..Digging the deepness of Somba People!

Chymera - Soul Take is a beast! Welcome back H! :)

Chateau Flight (Gilbert) - Somba people is really good and deep and funky!.Thanks for sending guys.

Alex Bark (Jazzanova) -This is a strong new release from Master-H! Will support.

Karim Sahraoui/ Transmat - Nice come back! I'll play Somba People. Thanks

Etienne Dauta/BASS CADET - "Somba People" for us ! Nice mix of african vibes with modern techno synths and not-straight beats. :)

Dairmount /Room with a view - Fantastic return of the soul of KDD. Both tracks ooze maturity & personality. Will play test both of them this week in Lithuania...

Nuno Dos Santos - Great return with 2 deep rollers! Will support it everywhere!

Huxley - Soul Take has such a wicked groove to it. Loving it.

Luke Solomon - Soul Take Funky as always from Master-H & KDD - love it.

Sandrino - I'm happy to see Komplex De Deep back ontrack. Somba People is an absolute BOMB...Love it!!

Dan Curtin - Soul Take has some groove, will see what I can get up to with this one.

Funk D'Void / Francois Dubois - Another nice one from H!!

The Revenge - Lovely stuff. Somba People will work best for me. Thanks!

Tom Trago - This is sounding nice... Will test. .

KARIZMA - I am loving the sound of Soul Take!

Joris Voorn - Love the texture and tension of Somba People, quite a special track!

Adrien Villanova - Insane classy house music! Refreshing!

HUGO LX - je suis bien fan de soul take, c'est raw et fin à la fois, et il y a ce drive hyper minimaliste comme dans du hard bop, pendant les solos

big up!!

1977 - Soul Take is a killer both, full support

Matthias Vogt - inspiring tracks. love this from beginning to end!

Guido (Acid Arab) - so perfect! so brilliant! so good to hear from you again! <3 bro

Cé Line (Sundae) - This is only getting... better and better! Thanks for this release!


Soul Take


Somba People